Do you need room planning software?

What is Revvis?

Revvis is an advanced room planner software, allowing interior designers the ability to visualise a property virtually before bringing it to life. The virtual viewing app gives users the opportunity to spot any potential flaws, iron them out before the building process and, most importantly, ensure they are satisfied with the potential end product.

How does the virtual viewing app work?

Virtualisations can be ordered by contacting the team on From there, the team build your virtualisation through their software and then send you a unique account with access to the design – all created specific to the measurements and key details specified.

Revvis can facilitate collaborative viewing, meaning that any family members, potential buyers, or investors can see the designs before they commit to the project. The software also comes with an extensive catalogue of products – such as cupboards, sofas and tables, as well as a range of paint colours – though through the use of plugins, it is more than possible to vastly extend this.

To kick things off, all the team need are comprehensive floorplans, CAD drawings, and elevations.

Why is room planner software important?

From a professional standpoint, interior design visualisation software such as Revvis gives interior designers, property developers and housebuilders alike the opportunities to ensure their clients are fully satisfied with the designs, preventing any major problems further down the line. This has never applied quite so much as in the current climate, as well, with this all being able to be done virtually without the need for in-person meeting.

A virtual viewing app such as Revvis also presents the chance to upsell within your project by demonstrating how higher-value products could improve the overall end product, boosting your profits thanks to a simple investment in cutting-edge technology.

What are the key features of Revvis?

Revvis has a number of key features to help it stand out from its competition.

–          Ability to change light settings – experience how different times of day affect your property, helping avoid any pesky sun blind spots.

–          Diverse range of floor coverings and wall paints – experiment with a variety of different designs across your floors and walls to find the perfect one.

–          Extensive range of products – cycle through a number of different sofas, tables, other furniture items, and even electrical sockets to find the perfect match for your design.

–          Adjustable viewer height – change the height of the person virtually viewing the property to prevent any injuries for slight taller – or maybe even smaller! – members of the family.

–          Easy to use – simply send the team your floorplans, CAD drawings, and elevations, and sit back and let them do the work for you. Revvis is pain-free and gets the job done in no time.

How much does Revvis cost?

Each cost will depend from project to project, based on a number of different factors. Revvis, however, comes at a fraction of the price of more traditional visualisation methods.

Can I see Revvis in action?

A diverse range of real-life examples of use are available on the company’s website with projects from both in the UK and on mainland Europe.

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